Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Civet Coffee and All Excess

Luwak Coffee is a type of coffee that is often eaten civet or civet (Paradoxorus hermaphroditus) and experienced fermentation in the stomach and the digestive system of mammals. Coffee beans are not destroyed in the process of mongoose digestive system that is simple, because the coffee beans encased by a hard cuticle. Coffee beans will then be out along with feces. Coffee is what is known as civet coffee.

For the fans and lovers of coffee, civet coffee is judged to have better taste than other types of coffee. This makes prices soar Luwak coffee.

Coffee Luwak coffee has more advantages than others, especially because coffee is cultivated naturally in the stomach mongoose, namely:

Net of pesticides
Pesticides found in coffee beans will be 'cleaned up' naturally in the stomach mongoose. So, coffee has been dragged along with mongoose feces has been free from harmful pesticide residue.
The selected coffee beans are the best coffee beans
Mongoose animal instinct would be to choose the best coffee beans or the most mature. This opinion is also shared by Dr. Ir Yadi Haryadi, MSc, Specialist Food Technology IPB. This gives the advantage, because the regular coffee there is the possibility of mixing between the raw coffee beans and mature, which could reduce the quality of coffee.
The process of natural fermentation in the digestive mongoose
The process of natural fermentation in the stomach mongoose, giving the chemical composition changes in coffee beans, explains Dr. Phaidon, who is also the author of 'Fat Loss Not Weight Loss'.

excess Luwak coffee
Civet coffee and build the performance of workers in various fields.

Coffeelycious provides information services and sale of civet coffee best for you. Luwak coffee are offered based and very authentic Arabica coffee originated from wild civet coffee in Lintong region, North Sumatra.

Civet Coffee and All Those advantages will fill your beautiful days of your life and make a high quality.

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